Air Cool Environmental performs wall mounted, floor mounted, cassette and ducted installations.
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Wall Mounted

Ideal for residential, Server Rooms, Restaurant and Office installations. These type of units are whisper quiet in operation (ideal for bedrooms) and where multiple units are required, they can be connected to a single external condenser.

Floor Mounted

This unit is used when there is no ceiling void or no wall space. It is a little like a radiator except it blows hot or cold air rather than using water.


Cassette units are best installed in any room / office with a false / suspended ceiling and are whisper quiet in operation. They are also the most aesthetically pleasing of all of our fitted air conditioning range. This unit distributes the conditioned air in four directions therefore providing improved air coverage and gentle air flow.


The ducted air conditioning system is probably the quietest and the most versatile of all air conditioning systems. A ducted system is often the most practical choice for larger areas requiring cooling or heating and air distribution.  This system is designed for areas with suspended or false ceilings.